Luise Wolf

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Journalistin, Autorin, Forscherin

CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music & Arts

Artists worldwide are persistently opposing social and political injustice and nationalist backsliding. But equally persistent are the anti-liberal and traditionalist forces who assert their power, which is apparent not only symbolically but long-since structurally. In this climate, artists are under pressure to express themselves, to take a stance, and even to act. Yet in the course of a general tide of re-politicisation, artists are also once again increasingly engaging and intervening in social and political

The Haxan Cloaks’ Drone Music evokes an intense physical experience of sonic materiality which goes beyond the vibration through a bass line. The body resonates differentiating in-depth. Listeners speak of cathartic feelings through that music, a voluntary self-abandonment, and sense new ways of expression. But others experience a horrifying absorption, a loss of sense(s) within the dominance of sound. This thesis explores the artwork-inherent and bodily-subjective conditions – the perception modes, aesthetic proportions, musical parameters,